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Active in the open source community, JoJo and Dan have established 2skies.com to provide specialized hosting for new and existing sites. Emphasizing the availability of open source software, we advocate its use when appropriate with our clients. Some incredible packages include Xaraya, PHP, Lighttpd, monotone and many others.

Just Right

Although we're far from huge (what we like to call an advantage), we're not a one server shop. What we are after is a "just right" balance between occupancy, services and performance. Our small but sturdy server farm's slowest CPU is 2.4ghz, while our faster servers are mult-processor multi-core machines, with SATA and SCSI storage. Connected to a 15gbps network via multiple 100mbps ports, we can handle very high bursts of traffic as well as busy sites with a steady stream of traffic 24 hours per day.

World-Wide Support (WWS)

While Jojo calls Australia home, it is a convenient base for her journeying to Singapore and China. Around the world (and many timezones behind), Dan alternates between his homes on the North American and European continents. This provides a unique coverage of cultures, an of course, a great base for around-the-clock server and hosting support.

Our 2skies.com site presents a public face to our extranet and client support services. Clients can login to access our help desk support system and webmaster resources.

The Company

Our company is formally incorporated in Australia (ABN 44 060 523 962) and serves up products and services under the company's registered trading name of 2skies.com.


JoJo's favourite tongue-twister (at the moment) - "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick."

Dan's favorite tongue-twister - "He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts."

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