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Comparing mysql tables with mysqldump and diff

Have you ever wondered how to compare the content between two databases?

Linux/Nix (general)

an easy website content mirror

grab a paper clip, find, wget and cron to set up a simple image mirror

webmaster housekeeping

Here are some common, simple tasks to help with administrating your websites.

Mirroring with wget

Making copies was never easier.


wordpress mu lighttpd rewrite

probably a case for mod_magnet, but when mod_rewrite is all you got

OTRS rewrite rule with Lighttpd

the magic rule

Multiple php pools and their advantages

Multiple pools allow for flexible configuration.

Lighttpd behind a proxy

If your website is behind a reverse-proxy, you'll want to log the visitor's IP, not the proxy's.

Compressing your website output

Smaller is better.

basic http authentication with lighttpd

Password protection can limit access to your website or a specific sub-directory.

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