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Maybe you've outgrown your shared host. Maybe you've grown tired of fighting Apache. Maybe you harbor a growing suspicion there is a better way. No matter the reason, there's a chance 2skies.com can help with your hosting requirements.
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Interested in open source software and making the most of your web development project? If this is the case, you may be interested in one of our projects, xarigami.com. Launched in 2007, xarigami.com's primary purpose is to promote and support free and open source software through the community at large.

Visit xarigami.com for information, downloads, tutorials, with more being added each week.

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While there are lots of solutions for mirroring website content, they usually require software to be installed on both the main server and the remote mirror server. Utilizing everyday tools like find and wget, you can, for this example, create a simple image mirror in order to distribute the bandwidth usage between two servers.

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